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Music Discovery Monday - Marian Hill - One Time

Hello all! Have I got something special for you on this wonderful monday afternoon! Normally, you'll hear a lot of house music on my site, but I am influenced by many genres. There really is a good amount of great music coming out right now. It's a great time to be a music lover. Enough of me rambling, let's get on with the music! Today's Music Discovery Monday is a track called One Time from Marian Hill. This is a single off of their ep called Sway. One Time is a very groovey and laid back track. Great vocal performance, and the overall production and arrangement are top notch! I'm definitely going to keep my eye on them! Cool video as well! Check it out and leave a comment. Let me know if you like this vibe. I'm gonna try and get that vocal into my DJ set...somehow...

See you next time!


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