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Channa De Silva is an EDM producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ, currently located in Mammoth Lakes, California. Originally from Sri Lanka, he began DJing in 2001, and has developed a unique style that has its roots in House, Trance, Progressive, and Electronica, hybridized with live keyboards, guitars and percussion. Fueled by a deep, elemental love of music in all its forms, he finds great personal satisfaction in making it, playing it, DJing it, and sharing it with the world. There is always a song in his head, and an idea about how it’s all going to come together, whether on the dance floor or in the studio.


His recent release for the official remix of Feel So Free (Feat. Lulu Jones) made the top ten on Beatport. With two new official remixes set to drop in April and May of 2016, there is always more to come.


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